Deltonia is a Sociologist and Educator- dedicated to the healthy development of people and communities with particular focus on women, children and youth. She hails from a family of strong women who pursued careers as educators. Her mother is civil rights activist who contributed to the reformation of human rights in Williamston, North Carolina and continues to fight injustice within the eduational system.

Deltonia graduated from Loyola University Maryland on a full NCAA women’s basketball scholarship and from the University of Richmond while serving as a Division I NCAA Women’s Assistant Basketball coach.

She currently serves as an educator for a reputable local school system and has served as an adjunct college professor of sociology at a Community College in Maryland.

She has served as a Youth Ministry leader at her home church, Nineteenth Street Baptist Church.

Faith has guided all career choices, including serving as the State Coordinator for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth for the District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education, which to date has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of her professional career.

The social leader has performed, created and facilitated countless community outreach services that have contributed in someway to the improvement of the social condition for anyone in need.

Her main service population consists of children, youth (athletes, runaways,LGBT, and those struggling with body image issues), and other female survivors. Work has also been extended to young men struggling with issues of abandonment stemming from fatherlessness. However the boundaries of service are endless.

At the age of five she began to take matters into her own hands. A phone call placed to Jerry’s Kids that would purpose the rest of her life. “Mama WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING” said the would be educator/sociologist and humanitarian.

Deltonia is the founder of Sha Sha Sociologic blog. The site is purposed to keep issues that directly impact communities of color- actively circulating to ensure meaningful dialogue to produce fruitful ACTION.

She serves a social commentary writer for the official EZ Street Show (93.9FM WKYS) blog as well as a writer/researcher for the TRENDING WITH EZ show. Postings for that show can be found at http://www.woldcnews.com.

She also works on several other non profit projects that foster effective social and educational change.



Original Contents and materials Copyright 2010 by D.N. Shropshire, MA

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