1. Okay so, wow.

    So I read the posting first then pushed play on the video– and I seriously need for this to be an experiment of some sort. And I say this because I thought the girl in the video was a cute girl. But then at the end of the vid, I saw three more vids pop up, that looked like it was the same thing. I watched one and the girl asked the same question and then solicited comments. DUDE! I need for this to not be real. Because wow if so, I fear for this generation for far different reasons now.

    You definitely hit the nail on the head. Parents MUST do a better job of cultivating self-love in children at an earlier age. and continuing to reinforce that over time. Because we still live in a cruel world. And w/o that strong “self foundation”, coupled w/an increase of accessibility to people’s personal lives… more and more kids will be opened up to the end game of different levels of abuse. From affecting their personalities and ways of coping with life to far more grave incidents.

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