1. Very well written article, I admire the depth and eloquence that you put into writing it; it is obvious that your response was extremely well thought out. I personally have a problem with soulless music proliferated by the music industry and I love listening to Hip-Hop that actually has a message, that tells a story. That´s why I love MURS, Binary Star, Lupe Fiasco, Zion I, De La Soul and all of the other groups out there that speak from the soul.

    But, on the other hand, when it comes to Rap, I have this part of my heart that LOVES cheesy, most-times-violent gangster rap. I do distinguish between bad rappers and good rappers, but I also feel like rappers don´t necessarily have to have good lyrical content to be good. I know, I know, what I´m saying is blastphemous, but cadence, tonal pitch, and general flow also make good rap music. Take Slim Thug for example. He glorifies money, drugs, hoes, etc., all the time but I really do enjoy listening to him once in a while. Call it Hip Hop purgatory. As for Odd Future, they are most definitely not safe for church (NSFCH), and while I don´t condone their mantra, I do enjoy listening to them. Probably for the same reason why people like watching scary movies; of course they aren´t going to go out and commit mass murder, but it´s fun to watch in that, weird, twisted way. If you like real hip hop, follow me

  2. Thank you for your voice. It is exactly that sentiment of entertainment seeking that guts a long history of substance. I am not judging anyone for just wanting to hear something that is without conscious effort or thought. I am not going to condemn anyone for seeking something to take their mind off of their own issues. What I am truly concerned with are those that DON’T KNOW WHERE THAT DISTINCTION BEGINS AND ENDS.

    For those looking and listening from an outside perspective…and even an inside perspective for the less informed-some forms of music carry death. There is death not life in what is said and to the young already “damaged” filters absorbing the compost- demise could be swift. The care of my culture is left in the hands of stewards that are more concerned with folly than with protecting and honoring legacy.

    Thanks again and keep music alive.

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