1. To start with I will acknowledge that I am of Indian descent and I am a naturalized citizen of US.

    Where-as this story is completely true, this is happening in some remote villages of a certain state where people are mostly illiterate. But its portrayed as if this is a common occurrence in most of India.

    To draw a parallel, I had watched a video of members of a certain church in US talking in tongues on an Indian TV channel. To many in India who are not exposed to world affairs or US news in general, they may think this is what happens in most churches in US.

    All I am trying to say is that its easy to portray a foreign nation in bad light and that every country has its dirty secrets.

  2. Thank you very much for your valued opinion. However, this entire site is dedicated to unearthing those dirty little secrets that prevent or block access to social justice for ALL people whether foreign or domestic.

    Taking this post or any other information, personally is to do a disservice to those women who are traded. If you further search this site you will find many AMerican /U.S. dirty secrets as well. Keeping things bottled in for the sake of hiding embarassment only further fortifies the practices that are inhumane to say the least.

    Again thank you for your comment but I stand by this post.

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