2 comments on “OBAMA WINS 2009 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!!

  1. Wow. The Nobel Prize has been reduced to a joke. Did you hear? I’m going to win an Oscar this year. Hollywood is convinced I may someday direct a great movie.

    Spare me.

    • Your opinions are your own. However, whatever strides towards cultivating a healthy HUMAN condition should be rewarded despite the ill will of people who can’t see beyond their own noses.

      What’s laughable is that those who call themselves Americans still hide behind some kind of prejudice to spite their own potential progress. Get your indignations out of your a$$ and CELEBRATE the victories the US wins whenever they come because there has been so much death, destruction and deviance done to the world at the hands of the US that OUR collective reputation within the world needs to be redeemed.

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